Make Money With Only 500 Followers on Instagram: Follow These Points!

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Instagram is booming with opportunities with each passing day. A lot of people got established by being active on this platform. If you are a content creator and want to earn money out of your talent, this is the best platform for you.

If you think that having only 500 followers on Instagram cannot be beneficial and you cannot earn out of it, then you are highly mistaken. Even if you have only 500 people following you, you can still earn a lot of money out of it.

Follow These Steps Make Money With only 500 Followers on Instagram

We hope that this article shows you the right path to earning a decent amount out of Instagram.

Be Regular

The first and foremost rule is being regular. We all know that going out of sight means going out of mind. Would you like to earn money from Instagram? No matter how many likes you get and no matter how many people watch your content. Just be regular, and you shall understand the algorithm of Instagram. If you stay regular and active most of the time, the Instagram app will automatically start showing you more to people. You have to be patient and prepared for the final kick that you get.

Showcase Your Genuine Side

Be genuine and start promoting genuine people. ‘Vocal for Local’ is a new concept, and people like this concept a lot. If you are a food blogger or an artist, you have to promote the food stalls or small artists of your locality and your town. Once you start making videos on these places, more such vendors and artists will ask you to visit their place and promote it on Instagram. You can start earning money out of it. Another benefit of this step is that you will start gaining more followers. You will be a popular creator in your town, and brand promotions will start crawling in.

Start Collaborating

Collaboration can earn you a certain amount of money. There are big creators or someone similar to you. You can reach out to them for collaborations. Initially, do it like an amateur, and after a certain point, brands will acknowledge your content if it is up to the mark. You will get appreciation from them, and they might get interested in your content. Sometimes, brands hire two or more creators for a particular campaign. If possible, try to collaborate with popular creators out there. If you are talented, you will soon get an opportunity.

Become a Brand Ambassador

Being a brand ambassador can get you a handsome amount of money. You just need to increase the reach of your profile and have to engage more people with your content. Your content should be attractive enough to engage a lot of people. Ask your followers to share your content with their friends and family so that it gets more reach. You need many people to view your content and talk about it to get into the eye of brands. If you love creating any type of content, you must focus on that and convert your channel into a specified one.

Focus on a Particular Topic

Many people have more than 1000 followers, and still, they don’t make money out of Instagram. The main reason behind this is their focus. They do not focus on a particular thing and scatter their interest in many things. If you want to earn money from any social media site, you have to provide something to your followers. You must have some mettle to showcase, and your followers should love what you do. Once you are successful in making them realize the power of your content, you can become famous and, of course, can start earning money out of it.

Create More Engaging Posts

If your channel or profile is visited by many people throughout the day and you see people talking about your content, brands will start noticing you. When you promote someone’s product on your channel, you have to tag them. Instagram is a place where affiliate marketing can be done at par. You can share affiliate product links, and people will click on them. You have to build a wonderful base around you. People should understand that you won’t dupe them. Try to be genuine, and if you are, people will start appreciating it for sure.

Offer Goods of Your Own Brand

Offering your goods can be a wonderful idea. Can you make journals or handmade diaries? Are you good at making showpieces? If you are good at any one of them or something else, showcase your talent in front of the world. People love handmade products as they are filled with love. Showcase your products on your channel and try to promote them as much as possible. If your products are good, people will certainly get interested in them. You can earn money by selling your products to your followers. Ask them to talk about the product and share the word with others as well.

Become a Social Media Marketing Manager

Social media marketing is going strong these days. You can find genuine buyers here and a lot of competition as well. People may start copying your products and earn money from them. But if you are an expert in social media marketing, you can cut through all of these competitions. Once you have done this in your account, you may start helping other businesses as an expert social media marketing assistant. Help them gain popularity on Instagram and earn money out of it. You need to find out your techniques to help them excel in their own fields. A social media marketing manager earns a lot of money. So, become one if you have experience in this field.

Write Post Captions for Others

If you are an expert content or copywriter, then prove your mettle here as well. You can start writing captions for other people and earn money out of it. Some brands and other high-end celebs hire people to handle their accounts. You can create posts on their wall and help them maintain the sanctity of their profile. You can control the engagement on their posts, and in return, they will pay you a handsome amount. Instagram is a place where everyone is present to showcase their products, and everyone is looking for engagement. If you know the trade secrets, these can become helpful for you to earn a lot of money.


Walk on our path and try to implement these points to become successful on Instagram and earn a good amount. One thumb rule is staying active and regular on this platform. As a lot of content creators are there, if you stay out of the loop for some time, people will start forgetting you.

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