How To Make Money In Stardew Valley

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Everyone is aware that farming comes first in Stardew Valley. Each season has its crops, and players strategize around fertilizing, watering, and harvesting. This effort has a good reason, as cultures are the key to getting rich in the game.

However, the other methods of earning lots of gold in Stardew Valley aren’t as well known. These different gold-making ways are primarily used in winter when players can’t depend on their crops as much. However, they should now no longer be ignored in different seasons. Many of these activities are worth a farmer’s free time if he wants to roll in the gold.

Updated September 26, 2021, by Anastasia Maillot: Although it’s a relaxing game, tons of fans take Stardew Valley very seriously and find ways to get the most out of the game. With real dedication, the best ways to earn money have been revealed.

Here Are The 5 Ways To Make Money In Stardew Valley

Fish Whenever You Can

Fishing is one of the best ways to get a lot of extra income, especially when you’re just starting and don’t have a lot of resources yet. All it takes is patience, good reflexes, and a fishing rod, which you can get at no cost from Willy at the beginning of the game.

Fishing in Stardew Valley is all about spending time in the sport, mainly because the energy cost of fishing is fairly low. Your character can stay up until 2 am, so try to maximize your fishing time at the end of the day. During your first few weeks of play, spend the rest of your time fishing after completing your daily tasks, such as foraging and farming.

It would help if you also fished a lot when it rains. Then, the fish you can catch are entirely different from what you get when the weather is good. Moreover, they usually sell for a better price. Take benefit of the time you save by not having to water your crops.

Rarer and more valuable fish spawn each time you move far away from land.. Although maxing out your fishing rod consumes more energy, it may be worth it if you only have a limited time to fish. Keep an eye fixed out for bubbles, which seem randomly in numerous bodies of water. Casting your rod in those locations permits fish to bite much faster.

When you’ve got got the cash for it, upgrade your post. You need to be able to buy the fiberglass pole within the first few weeks. This allows you to apply bait to grow your bite rate. Later, you can buy the Iridium Pole, which will enable you to use tackles that have different special effects on your fishing.

Unlock The Bridge On The Beach

Another great manner to earn cash early in the sport is to have Robin build the bridge on the beach. You need to collect 300 pieces of wood by chopping down branches and trees to unlock them. With all 300 pieces of wood on your inventory, approach the damaged bridge on the east facet of the beach.

Once production is complete, you can get entry to the Tidal Pool area. You can find many unique items to search for daily, such as precious corals and sea urchins. It’s a great way to easily supplement your income early on, as it’s relatively consistent. Plus, you do not have to save them for future recipes.

The Tidal Pool location is full of foraged gadgets after a storm. Be sure to grab them before they refresh the subsequent day. During the summer, you’re likely to discover rainbow shells here, which may be really well worth as much as 600g.

Plant Lots of Berries

Planting a ton of berries each season is a good bet if you prefer simple farming. All berry plant life produces a couple of vegetation in line with the crop and regrows numerous days after harvest. They also don’t want to be made into jams or wines to turn out to be very profitable.

There’s a completely unique berry for each season: strawberries for spring, blueberries for summer, and cranberries for fall. Although it is challenging to get strawberry seeds in your first season, maximize the opportunity during the summer and fall to plant as many berries as possible on the first day.

Since a single patch of berries has multiple harvests per season, start growing them as soon as possible. If you plant them late, you have a chance to drop one or more harvest cycles. Don’t forget to add fertilizer or Speed-Gro as quickly as you sow – you can’t add anything to the soil once the crop has already grown.

Like all crops, it takes a lot of energy to tend to them. It would help if you tried to upgrade your watering can and build sprinklers as soon as possible.

Start Making Sprinklers

Early in the game, you will locate yourself seeking to maximize the variety of activities you can do in a day. However, you may be limited by things: time and strength. Although you may eat meals to refill your energy, there is nothing you can do to recover misplaced time.

Sprinklers automatically water your crops, so you can spend less time and energy doing it daily. This gives you more time to do other lucrative tasks, like fishing and mining. It also allows you to maintain more crops simultaneously, making a more significant profit per crop.

There Are 3 Types Of Sprinklers In Stardew Valley:

  • Sprinklers: They can water four adjacent tiles.
  • Sprinklers of quality: They can moisten eight adjacent tiles.
  • Iridium sprinklers: These can sprinkle 24 adjacent tiles.

The basic version of a sprinkler is very inefficient, so we recommend producing quality sprinklers when you unlock the recipe instead. To craft a quality sprinkler, you must have a level 6 farming skill and an iron and gold ingot, and some refined quartz.

Improve Your Skills

When you reach level 5 or 10 in a skill, you pick out a profession, which is an ability that will grant you unique bonuses. Certain professions will increase the transport rate of sure businesses of items.


With new game updates and more experimentation, alternative routes have also appeared other than farming for crops. There are so many different activities, from fishing to mining to caring for animals, that the farmer should have plenty of ways to earn money.

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